Cultures of Participation A Treatise on Genealogy Discourse Power and Globalisation Introduction

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The underground movement and contemporary trends that are a part of marginalized cultures all use the knowledge base of popular culture and globalization to re-identify specific ideologies and to emerge contrasting values. The focus of this specific research study will be to identify the current trends with the underground culture as a marginalized culture as well as how the arts are continuing to express the identity of those in society. The knowledge base that is created through the artistic expressions has led to a sub – culture which creates identity and new trends within society that challenge the political powers and globalization as an establishment in contemporary times.
Changes in culture and interventions that oppose the alterations in the economy and political forces are relevant to creating social forces in society. The ability to use culture of music, film and other expressions as a way of expressing and stating different concepts is able to object to the other forces that are within society. The force of culture and the participation of various types of expression become essential in terms of creating a new discourse on society. The examination of how underground cultures, such as alternative music and film, begin to affect and change counter movements in society is one that is based on alternative expressions and growth. More important, the investigation of different types of cultures creates a deeper understanding of how societal changes and expressions affect other aspects of society.
There are several time periods in history that have noted counter movements in culture, all which have changed the focus within society. The concept of culture is one that begins with the individual and the beliefs which are achieved at a personal level. This leads into social movements that pertain to different groups which either accept or reject the popular notions within society. The culture that is created is one that either