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International BusinessGermany and the United States are among the leading economies of the world and for this project, the finances are coming from Dubai. Hence, all three parties enjoy the portion of significance in their respective areas. All of them may be status conscious and may not be willing to give room to others for discussion. The United States is the host country will offer its labor as an advantage. On the other hand, Dubai being the financer will enjoy the leading position.
National Political Background of Team Members
On political grounds, the United States is the most prominent figure on the international forum. Germany enjoys a significant position in the EU as it is among the founding members and the richest economies of EU. Germany generously donates funds for the betterment of EU member states. EU is emerging as a competing economy of US.
Educational Level of Team Members
In terms of education, both the United States and Germany are ahead of the rest of the world. Dubai is the world hub for many economic activities. People with exceptional skills are performing in the organizations of Dubai. A strong competitive advantage in this project is given to Germans by hiring their services. People from all over the world are eager to study in the universities of USA and Europe (Institute of International Education, 2012). For economic activities people prefer Dubai.