Culture and Global Communication

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Culture is identified on the basis of behavior, attitudes, and perception of an individual. Thus, culture is one of the vital tasks for an analyze individual to learn and act with respect to it for better sustainability in a society (Gerhart, 2008).In order to meet the aim of the research study, the research design has been based on qualitative research methods. Moreover, the primary and secondary data has been collected in or analyze the data for obtaining appropriate results. The primary data in the study will be collected based on the semi-structured interview on the basis of the interview method. On the other hand, the secondary data was collected from online sources in relation to Hofstede’s cultural dimensions. Nevertheless, the data collected was analysed through charts and graphs. Based on the analysis, it has been identified that there are differences in the culture of the US and Chines students (Rajasekar et. al., 2013).The aim of this particular research study was to identify the cultural differences amid students of the US and China. In this respect, a qualitative research approach has been implemented to have a better undertraining about the factors accountable for cultural differences (Rajasekar et. al., 2013).In this research study, a specific research design has been followed in order to fulfil the purpose of the research within the specified timeframe. In the first phase, it was important to determine the research problem, which was the similarity and dissimilarity in the cultural differences between the US and China’s student. The second phase was the framing of the research design, which comprises the plans on the basis of which data collection and analysis will be conducted. In the third phase, the data were collected from both primary and secondary for effective analysis.