Cultural Exchange via Trade

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Cultural exchange is mainly linked to the connection of people among various parts of the world and this can be done only at one single trade place where people from all religions can meet and share their values. Therefore, it is mainly trading which helps to facilitate cultural exchange through which ideas, norms, and practice can be exchanged, which are the basics of any culture. But, in part due to the lack of protection, security, and economic conditions, plus wars, reduced cultural exchange, and borrowings. Therefore, people moved towards the traditional model of business and techniques rather than focusing on culture. But many institutions kept on facilitating this cause such as India, China, Russia, Middle East etc. so the cultural exchange was always resent in the economy in unpredictable situations also. Countries always promoted cultural exchanges because it helps a country to develop and be more efficient. One of the most ancient institutions or business in this world is trade and trading of goods is the basic fundamental rule, though presently situations are changed people have gone beyond goods in trading, this concept is still present in our economy. The only problem with it is to have a peaceful exchange, i.e. there should be no threat, and there should be a specific place of trade, where people can get more opportunities and profit. The main feature of trade is that one should know how to connect with other people, as there are differences in language, culture, beliefs, and norms. One should have full knowledge of how to deal with such people. It is not only linked to goods but also helps to share culture, profession, knowledge, and humanity. So the trade is a broader concept which goes beyond sharing of goods and services (Stephen Davies, 2007).