Cultural Diversity in Perris Ca

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My research will be just a curtain raiser of the current scenario in the modernized community existing in the city of Perris. (California’s cultural resources, n.d) The research is based on the study of culture, which I belong to, and the task is to analyze the cultural diversity existing in the community. The role of racism will be ploughed in different sectors and a relationship between the different members of the community will be portrayed in the following sections. It will also illustrate the qualities of a leader and their role in bringing sustainability in future. The offensive smell of racial discrimination may be transformed into a sweet fragrance of unity in diversity.Hailing from a white American culture, I have observed the physical differences of people from my culture from people who are different with respect to race, creed or religion. Among the other races, the ethnic and racial mix comprises of Hispanic, African American, American Indian and Filipino. In comparisons to my race, the physical traits of people belonging to the Hispanic culture usually possess dark brown hair, light skin and brown eyes. They are usually tanned or dark in complexion. We are generally in possession of white skin color. This has rather become a symbolism of my race. On the other hand, there are other Hispanics who resembles me, in terms of character traits. Hispanics is a type of ethnicity and not a race. The African Americans generally have curly hair, and very black and sun burnt skin color. They have been born from black family of Africa. Again, the physical traits of Filipino are characterized by blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin and pointed nose. They even resemble the Chinese culture sometimes having a blunt nose, almond shaped eyes. Their face looks much like an oval shaped geometric figure. The Indian American has a sharp feature of an aquiline nose, brown skin, and circular, intense eyes. Though there are some who have a fixed