Cultural Diversity Faced by Marks and Spencer in China

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I make mistakes while choosing the right methods for the projects. I am sure that I can overcome these problems and turn these weak points into my strengths by conducting research on the basis of certain criteria. The topic of the project is Human Resource (HR) Issues Related to Cultural Diversity Faced by Marks and Spencer in China. I have chosen this topic for this particular study to evaluate cultural diversity of Wu Han, where the company Marks amp. Spencer (Mamp.S) wants to expand business operations (Alon, 2000). This particular research aims to study the issues of the employees regarding cultural diversity in Wu Han, China. It is the core duty of the company i.e. Mamp.S to ascertain that issues that may be faced by the employees so that effective measures can be implemented with the intention of mitigating these issues for better sustainability of the company in the long run. Employees’ individual growth is related to Mamp.S overall growth. In this respect, it is important to recognize critical issues related to the working environment of Mamp.S to meet the objectives of the company (Albrecht, 2010). Accordingly, I have related the subject of the study on the consumers as well as the employees of the company to determine the issues associated with cultural diversity in Wu Han, China. In addition, I have conducted a survey about the services, which are provided by the company to have a better understanding about the perceptions of the customers about their preferences, so that quality products can be offered on the basis of customers’ requirements. Stakeholders of Mamp.S are the owners of the company and they invest in the company to get a profit percentage from the operations performed. Correspondingly, to protect the stakeholders’ interest, Mamp.S must mitigate both internal and external issues to maximize its profit percentage and increase its share price (Bryson, 2011).