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CRJ 330: Comparative Criminal Justice Week 6 DiscussionPart 1:  Please respond to the following:What are your views about supranational courts? Once the court’s jurisdiction crosses borders, ethical concerns take more precedence. Examine at least two ethical concerns surrounding supranational courts that may have an influence on the United States’ reluctance to ratify the Rome Statute and respond to the following:Express the extent to which you agree these ethical concerns are valid.Provide a rationale as to why these ethical concerns conflict with American constitutional protections.Provide references to support for your responses.Part 2: Student Response Katelin Fuchs RE: Week 6 DiscussionI don’t see the need for supranational courts because of how cost-effective they are to run and the fact they don’t have their own system or police force makes it seem inefficient.One ethical concern would be over the privileges due to procedure, and state power. A supranational substance is also a court of final resort; it does not surpass national courts but acts just in situations where countries’ courts can’t or reluctant to indict. The second concern would be over human rights, the United States stands firm on its Amendments which the Roman Statute would not hold a normal law and would be unfit.