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CRJ 330: Comparative Criminal Justice Week 3 Discussion QuestionRespond to the following:Select one of the model countries from the text. Compare and contrast two strengths and two weaknesses of its justice system against that of the United States’ justice system. Suggest one change to each country’s justice system that might improve on the weaknesses that you noted. Provide a rationale for your response.Student Response:Komal Salim RE: Week 3 Discussion The United States uses the common law, whereas Germany uses the civil law on a federal republic system level. One strength is that Germany distributes their power similar to the United States on a federal and state government level. The governmental power is centralized rather thanbeing divided between states and a central government. Their government is very similar to theUnited States having the three branches of government. The head of state is the President that iselected for a maximum of two five-year terms unlike the US which is two four-year terms. Thevoters in the election for President are known collectively as the Federal Convention, whichconsists of all members of the Bundestag and an equal number of members nominated by thestate legislatures (Dammer and Albanese, 2014, p.78). The head of the government is thechancellor whom is equivalent to the British Prime Minister. Another strength is that the crimerate has dropped just like in the United States since the mid 1990’s. Even though “drug relatedoffenses have remained a serious problem in both countries” (Dammer and Albanese, 2014,p.81).One weakness is that the chancellor cannot be dismissed by a vote of no confidence. This is similar to the president in the United States being impeached which has been done in the past. The country can be more vulnerable if this happens since there is no one making important and concrete decisions about issues that need to be addressed. Another weakness was being “unableto deal effectively with radical opposition because it was difficult to settle disputes and establishparameters of power between the state and federal governments and between the government andthe people” (Dammer and Albanese, 2014, p.78). This was part of the basic law that was enactedin May 1949 that has certain similarities to the U.S. Constitution. Germans had specific rightsjust like Americans did.One change that could be applied is that the chancellor could bedismissed and the president could not be impeached if one is doing a bad job on protecting thecitizens of their country or making bad decisions. He or she was put into office for a reason andshould be able to carry out their term.Bottom of FormBottom of Form