CRJ311 Week 3 assignment

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Camarena’s body was found on 5 march near a small town of La Angostura while decaying and decomposed in a shallow grave (Conroy, 2013).On the fateful day of his abduction, Camarena left office to meet his wife for lunch. Recordings from a witness indicated that he saw a man being forced to the rare seat of a light colored car, and provided the description of some of the assailants. However, following the launch of the investigation, Raphael Quintero and Ernesto Fonseca were determined as the prime suspect in the case. as a result to their involvement in drug cartel activities. With the involvement of the Mexican federal judicial police (MFJP) in the investigation process, it was determined that Raphael Quintero and his men were fleeing from Mexico through the airport. The investigative team prevented the departure but later allowed after a bride was given to the chief investigator (Pavon Reyes).Acceptance of a bribe was the initial error that led to the obscuring of the whole investigation process. The investigation would thus take a twist of lack of commitment by the investigators. Pressure from America increased for the need to speed up the investigation process. As a result of this, several criminal investigators both from united states and Mexico were directly involved in the investigation process. Due to a large number of investigators involved in the process, it led to occurrences of confusion and miss information in the process. Out of the connection, the Mexican drug traffickers had with the law enforcement agencies both from Mexico and united states. they took the advantage of the confusion and hatched a plan that mislead the investigation team. In the plan, Camarena was held in Bravo drug gang ranch (Valdez, 2013).In as much as involvement of a multi-disciplinary and units in the investigation process is essential for speeding up investigation, it may be detrimental in the investigation of nature where there is a high