Critique of Quantitative Research Report

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A close reference was made to the study Staff Regard towards Working with Substance Users: a European Multi-centre Study (Gilchrist et al). The aim of the study was to compare the levels of regard that medical practitioners have for working with various groups of patients for medical school students at the Monash University.Unwillingness to treat certain categories of patients stems from the perceived difficulties in handling them, lesser rewards from the intensive care required of the medics, and the general feeling of inadequacy of skills. The researchers note that the medical practitioners prefer treating other categories of patients, for instance those suffering from diabetes. Of special interest to this study is the section from which the researchers apply the t-tests and Analysis of Variance. On top of the ANOVA tests carried out inappropriately in this study (where the researchers should have used the non-parametric equal of ANOVA, the Mann-Whitney U-test. The overall implication of the errors presented by these researchers is that their findings can rightfully be termed as wrong and inappropriate, because they could not use the wrong approach to reach at their conclusions.In the end, the researchers confirmed that the medical practitioners surveyed in the various disciplines were least willing to work with patients who needed treatment for use of illicit drugs. It is not certain whether the same conclusion would have been reached if the correct tests were applied on the data.