Criticism on mass media found in Stones Natural Born Killers

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The two attractive serial killers have already killed 52 people in the course of three weeks when the story of the movie starts. Both of them gain fame through Wayne Gale, a sensationalistic journalist, and host of the tabloid TV-show American Maniacs. After being bitten by a rattlesnake and searching for anti-venom in a convenience store, Mickey and Mallory get arrested by the police at and end up in prison. After some time Wayne Gale arranges an interview with Mickey, which should be broadcasted right after the Superbowl. The interview provokes a riot between the inmates and the prison guards, giving Mickey and Mallory the chance to flee. Wayne is coming with them and is filming the entire jailbreak. After killing Wayne and leaving his, still recording, camera behind as evidence, they begin a new life. In the end they are shown in a mobile home with two little kids and another one on its way. Even though the road, the route 666 to be precise, is displayed in the first part of the movie and in the very end, Natural Born Killers is not by definition a road movie. The Oxford dictionary (2010: 1536) defines a road movie as “a film of a genre in which the main character is travelling, either in flight or on a journey of self-discovery”. Even though self discovery surely is part of the reason why Mickey and Mallory travel around – which can be seen in the scene where Mallory throws away her old clothes, and with that leaves her childhood behind (Stone, Natural Born Killers, 1994: 0:19h) – that is not the main topic the movie is about.