Critically document a game design

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When the activity is set to be a competition where rules are set, then biking will not just be another play but becomes a game. Another essential to consider in games is the goal. There should be an objective for the player to achieve in order to make the game more entertaining and educational at the same time. Instructions amp. Pretense Crazy Cabbie ( 2010) is the computer game which this paper will be looking into, critiquing the essential elements of a game, whether it met all the requirements or not and what would make it to be a good computer game. It is an interesting game where the pretense is for the player to be a crazy cab driver whose goal is to finish a set distance within the set time. The instruction is given just below the title of the game which makes it easily seen, giving the player the important information before even starting with the game. Somehow, it also serves as a factor attracting players to notice the game. The instruction is clearly stated and easily understood even by first time computer game players. Though it is short, it covered all the important things needed for the player/s to know. This is a sign of a good game design. Challenges of the Game Crazy Cabbie is interesting to players because of the challenges it presents and the goal that has been set for the player to succeed in doing. Since the objective of the game is to overcome all the obstacles, which would be the other cabs the cab driver meets on the road in thirty seconds, the player is thrilled to get to the finish line on time and can even make it his personal goal to outrun all the other cabbies in a shorter time than was set. The arrow keys on the keyboard are used to move the cab with the upward arrow key used to accelerate the car and the downward arrow key to decelerate it. The right and left arrow keys on the other hand are used to move the cab to the right or left lane, respectively to avoid other cars that block the player’s car. When all the lanes are blocked, the player’s cab can jump over them through the use of the space bar. Thrill and Technique As the game progresses, more cars blocking the road are presented as obstacles, making it more difficult for the player to reach the finish line on time. The time for each level also is lessened by two seconds every after one level up which keeps the player to be more attentive and creative in maneuvering the car’s moves. The game is said to create an artificial intelligence (Adams 2010) by allowing the player to discover strategies in order to overcome all the obstacles set in the game with the use of all the available moves for the player. For instance, in cases where the three lanes are blocked by three cars on the same level, the player has no other option but to jump over them. The challenge comes when the cars are aligned side by side and in a consecutive fashion. Moreover, the circumstance becomes more challenging when the distance between the cars becomes shorter, making it difficult for the player to overtake them when he misses to jump over one of the aligned cars. When the player’s car gets very near the obstacles before jumping, he is not able to have the maneuver succeed because the car needs some space for it not to bump on the other car, causing it to fall back to its original place. The trick then