Critically discuss how the workplace be analysed and why the devil is in the detail

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Introduction Workplace assessment is an investigation carried out to look into your processes, functions, operations, physical environment, and communication hierarchy and information flow. Critical scrutiny of your workplace caters in detecting potential risks and problems associated with the current settings and propose controls methods to mitigate the key prospective risk factors. Careful and continuous review of the work place environment and the processes, policies and procedures in place is beneficial and is imperative for the success and survival of an organization. As changing times and emerging trends alter the business environment in one way or the other and the organizations that exist within the system have to adapt to the novel trends to be successful. Continuous review and critical analysis of the organization at timely intervals cater in pointing out to the loop holes that exist in the current setting posing a potential risk for the organization which has to be mitigated in the interest of its continuity. It helps establish and instill a safety culture within your workplace by identifying and eliminating or controlling hazards in a timely manner. The workplace design to be reviewed and updated should be analyzed on the basis of the volume and the variety of the product the organization offers, type of processes, Layout, Flow, Flexibility, compliance to laws and regulations etc. The organization should critically review these factors and revise them making necessary changes where ever required dropping a few and taking up on some new policies and procedures along the way. Altering and disturbing the status quo during this process is what might cause resistance among the people within the organization. For this purpose effective change management policies should be kept into place to counteract such problems and to educate the employees by gaining their full involvement while the organization transits from current to desired settings. Critical analysis is mandatory in order to ensure that the organization is intact with the new needs and requirements as posed by the changing environment. The idea The devil lies in the detail suggests that everything should be done thoroughly with careful focus on every small and big detail. The small things are usually overlooked and are not given attention to because they are perceived as unimportant, however sometimes these small details are those that account for big revolutions. They should not be overlooked and skipped instead they must be given as equal importance as that given to the prominent details. It’s a catch hidden in the detail suggesting that Governing is in the Detail. It is often the small detail within something that makes it difficult or challenging. These have the tendency to prolong a task, hurdle straightforward dealings and should be given prime importance. Conclusion: The organizational workplace should be critically reviewed and analyzed at timely and planned intervals. The risk factors proposed, should be altered in the best interest of the organization. Small details are very important and should not be overlooked as cumulatively they represent the important components of a larger task. Reference: Workplace analysis.Available: