Critical Thinking Concept

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Critical thinking is an examination of the structures or elements of thought contained in all reasoning, such as purpose, problem, question-at-issue, assumptions, empirical grounding, reasoning towards a conclusion, implications and consequences, obstructions from the alternative viewpoint, and frame of reference. Critical thinking can also be reflected through a person’s curiosity to respond to the variable subject matter, issues and purposes. Critical thinking is a concept that is incorporated in a company of intertwined modes of thinking, such as scientific thinking, mathematical thinking, historical thinking, anthropological thinking, economic thinking, moral thinking, and philosophical thinking.
Critical thinking exists in two components. one, critical thinking is viewed as a set of information and belief generating and processing skills. Two, critical thinking is viewed as a habit whose basis is strongly laid on intellectual commitment to use those skills in guiding behavior. Critical thinking, therefore, is very different from. mere acquisition and retention of information, because critical thinking has a peculiar way of seeking, attaining and treating information. Again, critical thinking is different from sheer possession of a set of skills, because, critical thinking is only complete if it exercises the use of those skills continuously (Scriven amp. Paul, 1987). Critical thinking is not made a concept merely by acquiring skills and putting them into practice. it is fulfilled if the skills put into practice are observed to produce results which must be analyzed and accepted to be imported into a certain body of knowledge.
Critical thinking is governed by some specific motive guidance. Critical thinking which is guided by selfish motives is characteristic of skillful manipulation of ideas to suit the personal interests. Such motivated critical thinking is void of intellectuality, however practically successful it might be. Although such kind of motivated critical thinking can be directed by fair mind and intellectual integrity, it produces results of high order in terms of intellectuality.