Critical Review of Robert Dreyfuss’ Devil’s Game

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The book review Critical Review of Robert Dreyfuss’ book Devil’s Game analyzes the presented facts that fetched to that the United States helped to unleash the fundamental Islam.In their mission to wipe out communism from the face of the earth, America began to distinguish nationalist groups as ones who were potential groups to advocate communalism. In order to suppress the growth of these nationalist groups, the United States extended their alliance to the conservative Islamic groups, especially in the latter’s mission to fight the Soviets in places like Afghanistan. Dreyfuss has argued that it is with the support received from the United States that terrorist groups like al Qaeda were formed that are now appearing in major headlines across the world. The views of those policymakers who could predict the voices in advocating the fundamentalists were silenced.The principle purpose of America was to support the fundamentalists against the nationalist groups. The Islamic groups were helped to destroy the efforts of Pro-Soviet Arab Nationalist leaders such as Gamal Abdel Nasser of Egypt whose mission was to end the controlling power of the West and the Middle East. Dreyfuss’s book is a result of the author’s extensive research based on interviews with former officials and study of published works. The final product of this book is a summary of overlooked opportunities and ignored indications. However, the author indeed holds many exaggerated opinions about the United States’ alliance with the Islamic fundamentalists.