Critical Exploration by Using Gibbs Model

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A 2nd-year student is practicing as a nurse at a hospital. The girl is very sweet, caring and loving towards her patients. She is always up to help other staff members with a smile. However, she has trouble in being able to prioritize and co-ordinate the attention needs of patients that we both have duties for. She also seems to lack confidence in her nursing skills and has teething troubles in linking theory to practice.nbsp.The result of the study reveals that the girl needs to understand what she wants to achieve. In this case, it is very obvious what she wants to achieve but she is not sure how to achieve it. The consequences of not prioritizing her duties make her more frustrated and annoyed and at the end of the day, nothing has achieved the way she wants to achieve it. It is also expected that some of the patients end up saying that want a different nurse to take care of them. As frequently does not complete the instructions given to her by these other staff and leaves the care given to patients unfinished. At the second stage of the Gibbs model, it can be said that the girl needs this practice because she wants to end up at some great hospital but if she continues to give such results that are poor practices, poorly set priorities it is giving out a bad image of her and the further recommendation for her are at stake. The student for sure feels the responsibility she has but as an amateur, she is finding difficulties in some areas and usually panics. She needs someone to guide her for at least a week so that she improves her practice and give satisfying results. However, the good part is the girl is willing to help. She wants to be someone and never refuses to work. In short, the girl has proved to be a very hard working dedicated worker but needs to manage things a little more. Most nursing students will attain the expertise criterions they need to catalog but tutors may be faced with an apprentice whosenbsp.presentation is scrawny.