Critical evaluation of the role of case management in relation to the development of health and social policy in the UK

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are policies that address almost all areas of human healthcare, and all age groups with different challenges, for example mental, psychological or physical issues. (Zairi Jarrar, 2001) These reforms aim at improving the already present services with a more personalized touch.The role of NHS has been pivotal in the formation of the current health care system. It is on the basis of this national system that the various other systems and formularies have developed. (Social Policy in the UK, 2005) And it is with this in mind that due credit must be given to the NHS for increasing its standards and modifying its policies year by year, with the results that now it focuses mainly on gaining maximum performances from its various sectors with reduced costs. It is an established fact that primary care curtails one of the least medical costs when applied correctly within a system or a country. This is in comparison to other health care systems such as the secondary, tertiary and the private health care. Increased teamwork and less hierarchy and beurocracy are the leading causes of successful health care delivery. (Zairi Jarrar, 2001) Amidst the good working of the NHS several flaws still remain. The main causes of these less than optimum performances in the NHS are due to complexity, heterogeneity, uncertainty and ambiguity within the system. By eliminating these factors, NHS will be able to provide a much improved health care system with fewer loopholes. (Zairi Jarrar, 2001)The introduction of Organizational Effectiveness Model in the NHS has been very helpful in identifying the key factors for achieving business excellence within health care. (Zairi Jarrar, 2001) This model is able to chart the effectiveness level of a business by appointing a score system. The potential of this model in improving research and expertise is endless.NHS has played an important role in the management of individuals with mental health issues, and has issued many