Critical appraisal of a nursing research study article

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ties are being carried, it is important that there be an effective system by which these researches can be appraised to determine their validity and reliability. Wood (2010) explain that reliable research studies provide quality information that can be used in making changes that can cause better and effective systems and human environment. One of the ways of making such a process is conducting a critical appraisal process. critical appraisal can be defined as the process involving careful and systematic examination of research for judging its trustworthiness, relevance and value for their particular contexts.
According to White (2008) critical appraisal is very important especially for health professionals, considering the fact that they handle critical matters of human life. Many of the research studies that are carried out on human and animal health are often treated with great esteem considering the changing health problems and challenges in the human environment (Pignone 2005, p. 67). According to Armstrong (2012) an effective healthcare process can only be managed by an application of effective and reliable strategies derived from research studies, which underpins the need for their critical appraisal. This paper examines a critical appraisal for a research that was conducted on the participation of patients in the NHS Bowel Cancer screening programs.
The critical appraisal of this research process will undertake the qualitative approach, examining the methodology that was used and its effectiveness (Wake 2013, p. 31). In this case, it will be possible to assess the effectiveness of the research process. According to McCabe (2009) qualitative research processes are known to use approaches that deliver quality information from resource persons, most of whom are carefully selected for the research process. The process of critical appraisal aims at assisting people to develop necessary skills that can help to make sense of various scientific evidences. This