Critical Analysis of Walsh’s Guarded by Mystery Meaning in a Postmodern Age

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From the above works, David proved to be a very good author because he produced quality work that impressed many individuals. In the book, Guarded by Mystery: Meaning in a Postmodern Age, his work is considered to be an apologia about the reality of God. Furthermore, it also illustrates God’ grounding of the existence of human beings on both the socio-political and personal levels to justify in a period of postmodern. The book largely reveals an era of a great interest in spirituality. Most productions of music, books and paraphernalia support ways of spirit thus striking phenomenon. According to research, people have come to admit that the authority of science and rational thought are not enough proof to the sense of life. The research therefore has always been continuous. According to the research findings, fundamentalist and evangelical churches are the most growing churches worldwide. The main reason behind this growth is due to failure of the current forms of life. The current cultures have technical prowess and are experienced as void of confusion and misery. The only way of survival as elaborated in the book, is to leap over the whole perspective of modernism in order to identify oneself in a secure place filled with divinely revealed faith. According to the Author’s argument, the difficulty of dealing with such a situation is the fact that neither olden time religions nor the present time religions have successfully enable people to leap out of today’s world. However, the book, Guarded by Mystery: Meaning in a Postmodern Age, talks about the means of discovering a way in order to link the rational order of the modern world and a spirituality pointing ahead of it. The text is also regarded to be a current meditation on a matter that has been disturbing the condition of human beings for quite a while. The book was mainly likely meant for all individuals whom have always been confused by the disconnection between two confusing worlds that they live in. David describes how their knowledge of spiritual sincerity is very important in the modern world. He further explains how the world itself is dependent on the foundation of spiritual illumination that they had made within themselves. In the book, Guarded by Mystery, David tries to present a meaning to the post modern period. He also presents hope in a world full of hopelessness and relativism and, further claims that that is not all that is present in life. Additionally, he explained that there is something unique beyond life that humans look for and strive to achieve. David therefore presents a good summary of the post-modern thought by illustrating that there are a lot of things beside what is observed in the world. This book is interesting and very pleasant to read hence, is recommended to anybody. According to my view, it seems the book was written for the postmodern thinkers though it includes everyone. It is very important and useful for individuals who search for the real meaning of life. The book is well written regarding how the author places things in their perspective and makes them applicable to daily life. The author appears to be repetitive in his work. However, in every part repeated, the idea is approached from a dissimilar angle in order to make his point clearer. Considering the illustrations, descriptions and explanations of David