Criteria for Selecting a Property

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The selection of property to accommodate the church must commensurate the number of people in the church and the finance they are capable of raising to buy the church premises.
We need a church for 600-700 people. We are located in a busy suburb of a very large city. Ideally, we may settle for a hall that accommodates around 1000 people. The hall could be located in a commercial area or residential place. The strength is in the cost because it is affordable. It is close to the houses of most members. If we get the complete floor in a commercial complex, we also get privacy. The weaknesses are that we will not have the church hall completely to ourselves. We will have to observe the rules and regulations of the commercial society and restrain the volume of our sound when we sing hymns and choruses.
We now meet in a school hall. The hall is huge and is capable of accommodating 1000 members. It admeasures 7,000 square feet. The school building is strong and is capable of bearing the strain of 5,000 people on the entire floor. I am not aware of any pressure point in the school hall. The hall is such that it can bear pressure from all sides. There is no threat to it from a human source, that is, it cannot suffer any harm from purely human strength.
If pressure points are meant to be columns, beams and floors, the school is a ground plus four-floor affair. Its floor space is about 20,000 square feet. So, considering all the floors, the total floor space is 100,000 square feet. The school has columns and beams and appears to be of robust construction.
It is about five years since our church was established. We have not faced any situation of a major construction project in our church. We have grown numerically and in zeal. We are collecting funds for our own church premises. There is no problem so far as finance is concerned. We have enough money to finance a purchase.