Criminal Conspiracy

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amp. Scheb, (2011), the main aim for the reformation of this system was that it was to temporarily curb the pending review and reform the law relating to fraud, offensiveness and indecency as well as shaping the view of society as a whole. The law has now been reformed by the Fraud Acts in which the government waits to see how the law operates so as to come up with relative changes or abolish common law conspiracy to defraud. International trade has also seen various cases of fraud and the United Stated has moved in to combat such as well as get rid of some of the practices such as washing dirty money that comes with many conspiracy cases.Major problems were experienced in the early years after Acts over how the preserved common law conspiracy to defraud dovetailed with the new statutory conspiracy to commit a crime as frequently, an agreement to defraud will necessarily involve an agreement to commit a substantive offence entailing dishonesty such as theft or the new offence of fraud under the Fraud Act. A typical example would be when A and B agree a scheme to dupe people into investing money in a non-existent company intending to disappear with the money subscribed. To do this would be to certainly agree to defraud the investors, but it will also be an agreement to commit the crime of fraud by false representation in benefit of an individual, (Levy, Karst amp. Winkler, 2000).According to the Missouri revised statutes, a person is guilty of conspiracy with another person to commit an offense it he agrees with another person that one of them or both engage in a conduct that constitutes conspiracy. Conspiring also with a third party knowingly will also make the other two parties guilty of conspiracy whether the identities are known or not. Further conspiracy may be committed by a person conspiring to commit a number of offences that have the same results as conspiracy on the other hand no one shall be convicted if he prevented the accomplishment of the objectives of