Crime Mapping Concept

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The NIJ’s have to come up with a formula to map the crimes depending on the concentration of crimes (National Institute of Justice). However, different types of crime hot spots areas require different types of maps because each area has different types of crime. The report further explains the different types of crime theories, as well as, how they can be depicted on the maps. It further gives the techniques and methods used in understanding crime hot spots, as well as, spatial analysis tools that are used for identifying such hot spots. The report concludes by giving an approach to hot spot analysis.

The most interesting thing about the report is that it informs the reader on how crime mapping can be used to understand patterns of recidivism and incarceration. This helps target programs and resources in evaluating crime reduction or prevention in reduction programs, as well as, understanding the causes of crime. The approach of crime mapping is important because it ensures that the NIJs understands the issues the crimes that are committed in every community and methods to go about how to resolve and reduce them.