Crime In The Digital Sphere

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Due to the increasing occurrence of illegal activities through the utilization of the computer systems, it has gained attention and earned a category on its own for research, legal attention and advocacies. Such actions are aimed to educate and avoid the detrimental effects of such attempts in different information systems through computer technology utilization. Knowledge can be considered as the most essential tool in the fight against unlawful exploitation and prevention of the disadvantageous effects of any technology that is released for utilization by the masses and the international community.
DueComputer Crime Defined
Due to the rapidly developing state of technology in the present society, crimes can take a variety of forms. In the age of technological revolution initiated by the rise of computer technology, forms of crime that apply the use of computers are rapidly increasing in occurrence. These crimes can be classified as computer crimes also referred to cyber crimes.
There are various manifestations of computer crimes that use different forms. The categories of computer crimes are based on the object of the crime. These are classified according to the victim of the committed scheme. Cyber crimes can be perpetuated with a particular person. group or property. or the government as the victim (Babu and Parishat, 2004).
The emergence of new forms of crimes such as those utilizing new technologies requires attention from the masses and from the authorities. Thus, the study of the different forms and classifications of cyber crimes can be considered emergent in the present society. New technologies can be equated as new ways and possibilities for the perpetration of crimes. In this case, new methods in fighting such crimes are required. Information dissemination is the primary phase to counteract such crimes (Wall, 2001).