Crime and Passion

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TEXT ANALYSIS PAPER (Draft) Crime and Passion are two different things that are described as complementary factors that are needed to be well identified through time. Why Well, humans are motivated separately through the utilization of these two elements in their lives. Within the paragraphs that follow, the identification on how crime and passion are effectively used as elemental factors towards the acts that humans decide to do shall be well clarified. The cases to be examined are likely to show how both crime and passion try to change a person towards the negative or the positive development of their behavior.
Case Based Analysis
People are motivated in different ways. For some point, they are all considered to be moved by the different frustrated needs that each individual have basing from the past background that they have. Recognizing the fact that both positively and negatively disposed persons have their own frustrated needs that are actually motivating them to take different paths in life that they believe would lead hem to attaining the dreams that they have for themselves as well as for those who belong to them. As for this paper, the examination of the different paths that humans take depending on the life background that they have as the enhancers of the values that they utilize as basis of their actions.
As for the cases noted in the articles analyzed in this paper, it could observed that the motivation of the humans utilized to reach to the status that they are at present resulted from decisions made from the idealisms that they believe in. The events that took place in their lives brought them to the kind of situation that they are in right now.
For instance, in the text from the Sun Tabloid, it could be observed that Zoe, a newly chosen model, who emerged from a competition in Britain, noted that the tragic past that happened to her father brought her to a successful fight towards the fulfillment of her dreams. Undoubtedly, she used this particular painful event in the past to assist her to becoming the kind of person that she knows she really deserves to become.
Meanwhile, the text on BBC News Report about the use of knives among youths depict the real picture behind the existence of interest among the members of the young generation to use knives as a matter of protection or a medium of revenge. The report notes that as the said generation is born to a society of chaos, it is likely reasonable enough to expect them to be inclined to be motivated towards the "knife culture" which has lesser respect to life and lesser concern for safety.