Credit Agricole a multichannel mutual bank

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She had developed trust in the bank through her long time financial advisor. In going back to ask for the mortgage, Pauline was a little bit disappointed when she found that her financial advisor had moved 3 months ago. Even though she accepted that reality, she still went forth to seek services of the bank without comparing to other banks.Pauline and Louis were disappointed with the initial interest rate offered to them by Bernard, which was 5.5 interest rate plus insurance. The two had hoped to bargain an insurance rate less than 5.5% based on having a long customer loyalty history. This was not the case as the prices were reached by simulation software and any cut not allowed.Pauline was shocked to get a phone call after cutting a deal with Bernard of paying the mortgage at 5.5% interest rate plus insurance, though she was realized the same bank had an ongoing promotion of 4.8 % which had been reserved to outbound call-center campaign. Pauline was disappointed when Bernard pretended not to know such a service existed, though later called her and gave her the mortgage at 4.8% interest rate.Pauline found that service delivery by the people in the bank to be slow. Before getting an appointment to Bernard, it took her 2 attempt to get a chance. The call center advisor was slow in responding to crucial questions and making arrangements. In addition, Bernard was not available at some point to see Pauline, though she was at his office. Bernard took days to reply to Pauline’s requests and messages. The financial advisors, Bernard appeared not to have coordinated with well will the call center advisors since they had different information about what Pauline should get for her mortgage.The service which Pauline received was not upto standard like the way she had expected. The process of getting the mortgage took a very long time, and it had a lot of uncertainties and conflicting figures