Creativity and Group dynamic

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When Danny and Rusty set out to find a team for themselves, they were looking for people who were either too smart in what they do, or they thought differently. This team was made up of people who were unique in their own way, yet when they worked together on this plan, they got successful in what no one else could do. Each of the team member was creative is his own way. They all thought of brilliant ideas and carried out the entire plan successfully. They were however different from each other. In one occasion we could see two of the men were acting like gays which annoyed their other team member. There were white men and there were black men, there were Americans and there was even a Chinese, there were 18 year old boys and 50+ year old man as well. What brought success to the team was how they gelled in with each other. how they accepted each other as they are and worked together as a team. What is remarkable about the group dynamics of this team is that how they communicated well with each other and how they knew about the strengths and weaknesses of each other. While working in a team it is very important that you know each other very well. you should know your team member’s strengths and their weaknesses as well. … Although each member was creative in his own domain, there were obviously some limitations. Some members could not practice their creative ideas because they did not appeal to their other team members. There were also limitations from the environment. While you are working in a group, you have to take decisions that are approved by everyone, especially the leader. You simply cannot practice your creativity without the agreement of you teammates. And this leads to creative thinking in limitations. When creativity is at peak, an individual or group can also innovate new product, service or an idea. In this movie, they innovated new ways of robbery. Although the idea does not bring something new that helps the society, but it did create a new way of completing their mission. Although the movie is about robbery, we could clearly the aspect of creativity and group dynamics in their mission. From the way team was formed, to how Danny led it, to how they carried out all the tasks. it showed a great team where all members had only one focus-to steal the vault’s money. Bibliography Naiman, L. (2010). What is Creativity? Retrieved May 21, 2011, from Creativity at work: