Creation Of A High Performing Organization

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Firstly it is expected that creation of new work structures necessarily means re-designing of jobs with new roles and responsibilities. This resistance might arise from employees towards acquiring new skills and expertise. It is difficult to impart new knowledge and skills in employees once they are settled in a particular skill and have gained expertise and comfort in the same (Wanberg amp. Banas, 2000, p.132).Secondly, organization restructuring would also include reducing the workforce or employee downsizing. This would necessarily instill insecurity and negative apprehensions among employees. Employees would definitely resist the change because they would not want to lose their jobs or their co-workers. This would spread de-motivation which would consequently lead to reduce productivity and performance. Moreover, it could also result in high employee turnovers out of insecurity, instability, and apprehensions. The idea to create a high performing organization could be realized by monitoring employee performance at all stages. This would be done by using the performance management system. Emphasis on performance would create a competitive culture in the organization in which each one would try to excel from the other. This would reduce interdependence, cooperation, and efforts to help one another. There could also be fall in group activities and team work eventually leading to conflict, disagreement, and clashes.However, against all resistance to change initiatives, there could also be some drivers of the change process.