Create a website plan

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The website to be developed should assist the company market their products, sell them online among other crucial activities such consumer satisfaction surveys. The report is going to shed light on the crucial steps that will be employed so as to make sure that website serves the intended purpose. The business has 4 branches in the world. The company seeks to enforce online marketing delivery of their products to selected nations.The goals of the business are primarily marketing the products on sale and making sure they increase their profits though online sale and delivery. The company also seeks to be capable of running consumer satisfaction surveys so as to assist they gauge their progress. Finally, the ultimate goal is to ensure that the company becomes a reputable and among the most respected and successful in this field of businessThe website will, therefore, be designed so as to make sure the company achieves most of it goals in the most efficient way possible. The website will become a partial platform to the marketing department. This is because many people nowadays depend on the internet for many things, making it an easier place to access customers. The products will be marketed by posting them on the website and giving information on the latest technological gadgets awaiting release and those already in the market. In order to enhance marketing, the company will have to alias with most visited websites and have accounts in social platforms such as Facebook, linked inn, twitter and MySpace among others.Secondly the company will should be able to give customers the ability to purchase items and request them to get delivered to supported locations. The products shall be priced ant thee availability of a customer to purchase the items collectively using a virtual cart.