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Business ObjectivesMay 10, 2020 Papa Geo’s Restaurant needs to be competitive and unveil marketing crusades to protect their returns in the business. However, it is guided by typical objectives in the marketing plan. The first objective of the restaurant is ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. The target market entails about 10,000 families which is a totality of lower to middle class clients with zero direct competition. However, the customers’ satisfaction is determined the customer’s loyalty to the restaurant especially due to the services that they receive. The restaurant wins the customers through the good Italian food of low price. Stunning cleanliness of the restaurant is welcoming and eye catching which applies to both the foods served and the environment. Generation of the restraint traffic will impact the Restaurant towards success. The restaurant will cultivate a customer base such as having demanding lunchtimes and dinner services through intensive marketing. It will achieve this through weekly and monthly promotions as the marketing strategies. The restaurant needs to attain their financial goals. The objective is to meet the financial income goal of $40000 annually. At the starting of the second year the company expects to attain a minimum of 2% profits of the sales. The main objective of the restaurant is profitability. It is attainable with the managerial ability to achieve the weekly goals especially through cost reduction with profitability growth concurrently.The restaurant needs to develop a restaurant brand. As the restaurant grows successfully, it will improve it’s place in the local market and toughen the brand. The quality of the food served has a great influence on the restaurant branding. The company purposes to cook using healthy products and use the brand to win new customers.