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I have also learned that remaining happy in life can protect one from any kind of disease.In this course, I have also learned that spirituality is an important element in healing drug addicts. Although addiction is primarily a psychological, social, and medical problem, it is also a spiritual problem. This is because some forms of addictions can be caused by false religious beliefs. misrepresentations of some important religious tenets such as God, Sin, and Grace can lead to some forms of addictions, or prevent people from seeking spiritual solutions to their addiction problems. For instance, misrepresentation of sin can make addicts afraid of seeking spiritual solutions to their addiction problems because they are afraid of being judged wrongly by society. For that reason, a holistic addiction healing program should involve a spiritual approach to the addiction problem.In this course, I have also learned that coincidences may not be merely happenstance occurrences as many people believe. Coincidences may actually be a pointer to a reality that we do not know. That is why some scientists are of the view that coincidences are windows into a world where thought can change reality. This issue, however, is quite controversial, some scientists view coincidences as mere happenstance that obeys the law of probability. Despite this controversy, however, I have learned to look at coincidences critically as something that may be a pointer to something else.Another important lesson that I have learned in this course is on the difference between the terms synchronicity and synchronism. Synchronicity simply refers to the simultaneous occurrence of two meaningfully related, but causally unrelated events. Synchronism, on the other hand, refers to the simultaneous occurrence of two things which are not meaningfully or causally related. Both synchronicity and synchronism refer to different forms of coincidence. Understanding the difference between the two forms of coincidence is quite important in investigating the phenomenon of coincidence.