Course Evaluation Paper

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During the course, most students identified with the outcomes. I expected to learn the various aspects of family dynamics, which exist in the society regardless of race, social class, or religion, and I did. I expected to learn the theories involved and to be able to learn various solutions to family problems. I was able to relate to some factors that influence family dynamics that apply to my real life. The factors I learnt include the effect of parent’s relationships on the family, aspects of strictness and lenience among parents, personalities, single parenthood, size of family and culture, and beliefs in the family. The course reflected issues that exist in many families in the world, and was able to broaden my knowledge and thinking about family life. I expected the course to highlight the various positive and negative issues that exist in the family and the impact they have on psychological health of family members. Some of the positive family attributes highlighted include success of children linked to good parenting practices, good parent’s relationships and good family values. Peace in the family always relates to good personalities in children and older family members among others. The negative attributes highlighted in the course include the effect of single parenthood on children, violence in the family most likely led to the fall of the family to factors such as divorce, and divorce affected children even in their adulthood. The lecturer was able to teach in the most practical way, making everyone to participate in asking and answering questions, making the course even more enjoyable. She always asked practical questions that apply in real life, used pictures and videos to teach and expected every student to relate to some issues raised during the course of study. This made the course very exciting and easy to learn. The outcomes had a great impact and were specific to the target population, which in this case were classroom students. The course highlighted many issues, which exist in different families. I related to some of the factors that I have experienced in my own family. Most students were able to relate and connect to most of the issues explained in the course. In some instances the mentioned examples and scenarios rekindled bad memories among some students and caused emotional grieve. These included students coming from a family that experienced violence in the past, drug abuse, families affected by issues such as unemployment, extramarital affairs, and divorce. Some students on the other hand connected well with their well-structured families, which had good values, proper parenting practices, and wealth among others. In either way most students lamented that, they learnt a lot from the course and expected to improve their lives in one way or another. The outcomes were measurable with the timeframe. The lecturer managed to teach various levels of family dynamics within the expected timeframe, and in the most systematic way. The mentioned outcomes on the students always revealed in each classroom session, and with time, the students had developed a sense of connection with the lecturer and would freely express their views and experiences without fear. The objectives and the outcomes related well in this course and at the end, the lecturer manage