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Country size South Korea is found in East Asia in the south of Korean peninsula. South Korea covers anarea of 38, 023 square miles (98,500 kilometers), with 148 miles coast line. South Korea has an estimated population of 51,170,969 people. South Korea is bordered by North Korea virtually in all directions to the north, Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea, and to the east. North Korea is the state that is close to South Korea (Simon, 2014). The United States is made up of 52 states, it has an estimated population of 297,976,000 people that is expected to grow thought at a slow pace. To the north, the United States is boarded by Canada while to the south he boarders Mexico. Found in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia lies between the red sea and the Persian coast. Saudi Arabia borders Kuwait, Iraq and Jordan to the north, United Arab Emirates and Qatar to the east, Oman and Yemen to the south. Saudi Arabia covers an approximate of 756,981 square miles. Saudi Arabia has an estimated population of 22,023,506. Vatican City is the world smallest state. It is found in Rome, Italy. Vatican City covers an area of 0.44 kilometers square. With a population of 900 people. It is bordered entirely by Italy. Monaco is the second smallest state in the world. It is found in French Riviera on the Mediterranean, has an estimated population of 36,037 people and covers 1.96 kilometer square (Simon, 2014). Nauru is the third smallest state, it is located in the west of Pacific Ocean, she has a population of close to 13,500 people and covers an estimate are of 21 kilometers square miles and borders Australia to the east. Tuvalu covers an area of 26 kilometers square. she has a population of 10, 441 people, and it found in the south of Pacific. San Mario covers approximately 6i kilometers square, and has a population of 28,117 people. she is located near the Adriatic coast (Simon, 2014).ReferenceSimon, J. L. (2014). Population and development in poor countries: Selected essays. Princeton: Princeton University Press.