Costume and Fashion

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The essay Costume and Fashion talks about the connection between costume and fashion and analyzes what impact has a costume from the past to the modern fashion. In today’s fashion industry, there is no faux – pas what – so – ever, any and everyone can be fashionable if they chose to. This is very unlike fashion in the historical times where fashion was only for the rich and famous. If you wanted to be fashionable, you had to be rich! Contemporary fashion has it, that a person could be fashionable even on a shoe- string budget. Today, Fashion in the broader sense of the word is a person’s identity – a ticket to be known. It is a sort of stamp on society so to say where everyone tries to make a mark. In trying to differentiate between costume and fashion, we come to understand that there is a great disparity between the two. Research carried out in the field of fashion shows that fashion takes place all over the world and is closely related to sociology, the Urban Geography, the Class and Labor system and the Material culture of a place. All these components combine to portray the fashion of a particular country. That is why each country has its own unique and traditional flavor when it comes to fashion. Costume on the other hand, is clothing that is made for a particular purpose and is worn by a whole group of people who are together and doing the same job. For example in the ancient world, people like the German tribes used costumes, in order to differentiate between the different social classes.