Correlation between Obesity and Poverty

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In the real sense, there is a correlation between obesity and poverty, such that obesity can cause poverty and vice versa. It is important to do a thorough research regarding the correlation between obesity and poverty so that to avoid the ignorance among the American population regarding all problems associated with obesity.The ignorance among the American citizens about the relationship between obesity and poverty can lead to ineffective strategies towards controlling and preventing obesity. Obesity can affect an individual irrespective of his or her wealth status (Smith, 2009). This is because the causes of obesity are varied, and can include inheritance within the family. It is wrong to conclude that obesity is the disease of the rich because most of the affected individuals come from well-off families. Many individuals from poor families have suffered a lot from obesity and overweight owing to the ignorance that obesity does not have a relationship with poverty (Smith, 2009).Due to ignorance, many people have acquired obesity and its associated complications, such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, heart attack, breast cancer, and stroke (McKnight, 2006). Most of the problems that result from obesity are chronic and individuals require to accept and manage them through their lifetime. Research has shown that diseases such as heart attack, stroke, and breast cancer are among the leading causes of death in the United States (Blass, 2008). The poor experience more problems than the rich do because they do not have enough funds to acquire medical intervention for the obesity-related complications.Lack of information regarding the relationship between obesity and poverty is the leading cause of ignorance against preventing and controlling obesity and overweight (Blass, 2008). According to Smith (2009), individuals choose less-nutritious, high-energy foods instead of selectingvegetables and fruits. Most of the occupations in the contemporary society are sedentary. thus, individuals do not do physical exercise, which is necessary for burning excess calories as well as reduce excess body fats.