Corporate Valuation and Strategy 3 VALUATION OF H J HEINZ COMPANY AS OF APRIL 29 2012

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The company’s products are manufactured and packaged in line with the required customer standards to provide safe and wholesome foods to the consumers. Numerous products are prepared from the company’s developed recipes (ANNUAL REPORT, 7) The process of food preparation includes a clear-cut selection of ingredients and prompts inspection it is imperative to note that the products are prepared through numerous ways, which include sterilization, fermentation, blending, homogenization, pasteurization, freezing, chilling drying and labeling. More over, the quality assurance processes are premeditated for each product and applied for quality and compliance with applicable laws.A wide range of raw materials is considered for production of the food products of this company. During the fiscal year 2012, the company is reported to have invested in productivity initiatives intended to increase manufacturing efficiency and effectiveness. This is intended for immense acceleration of the general productivity on the international scale (ANNUAL REPORT, 6). Some of the initiatives included the closure of numerous factories across the globe and decrease in the global labor force. The products of the company are sold through own sales organizations and independent agents or distributors which include retailers, manufacturers, bakeries, mass merchants and food service distributors, restraints and hotels. The intensive compliance of the company with the national, state and may be local government provisions has not caused significant effects on the budget, particularly on the capital expenditures, earnings or cutthroat position of the company. It is fundamental to note that, the company’s estimates on capital expenditures for the milieu control facilities for the remaining part of 2013 and the succeeding fiscal year are not material and no expectations has been hinted to affect the earnings in a material way (ANNUAL REPORT, 9). The Company maintains a regular trend of