Corporate Strategy at Gap Incorporated

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One of the major external objectives of Gap Inc. is to ensure profitable earnings and lasting worth to all its shareholders. Despite the increase in the company’s growth, Gap Inc. continues to harness their strengths and as proof – early this year, Gap Inc. announced its offer of $1.2 million shares of stock on the New York and Pacific Stock Exchanges. With merchandise that is wide and deep crossing all needs of Men, Women, and even kids, they have consummated the market to trust the quality of their merchandise by delivering only the best selection of fashion styles and fits. It has been a leader in the specialty retailing industry and ever since their first store located in San Francisco they now have more than 3,000 stores all around the globe. Approximately, the company grows by 34 % as they accommodate new hires to be able to deliver the demands of the market. To date, Gap Inc. has more than 150,000 employees all across the globe that make it possible to demonstrate their dedication to offering special and personal fashion styles throughout the different stages in a person’s life.Gap Inc. has made its own statue and place in the industry and it is inevitable to believe that the main reason they have lived on for this long is that they have corporate strategies that help them deliver the results they aspire for at the beginning of each fiscal year and relative to the main vision and mission of the corporation since 1969. Corporate strategy is vital in the company because it dictates their position in the market and how they shall be able to maintain and improve their state because each and every industry, most especially in the fashion industry, the competition will always be closed around the corners and new blood may at anytime replace what we have at present. In other words, competitive strategy is the foundation of the financial grace that Gap Inc. has gained throughout the years.