Corporate Social Responsibility Programs for Marketing Managers

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It does not appear that the responsibilities of a corporation to society, its employees, customers, suppliers, and the communities or shareholders in which they serve are in practice? According to Robbins, a socially responsible business pursues long goals that are good for society and cause no harm. Marketing managers, as moral agents, are required to make practical and as well as ethical decisions. In doing so, managers have to do what is right because it is their responsibility.Why do marketing managers need to ensure that their companies operate visible Corporate Social Responsibility programs (CSR)? CSR should be of high priority. This will give managers the opportunity to display their value throughout the company. Public opinion supports corporations pursuing economic and social goals. Socially responsible companies tend to have secured a long run of profits. Socially responsible activities are simply the right thing to do. Seeking social goals create an attractive public image for businesses. Involvement in social programs helps to solve social problems. Addressing social problems before they become serious and costly will definitely benefit society as a whole. A socially responsible corporation can normally expect minimum government regulations. Regarding stockholder interests, being social responsibility will increase corporations’ stock prices in the long run. And many successful businesses have huge profits that will support charitable projects that need funding (Robbins, 2005, Page102).Elfen Sicangco Cruz states that there many definitions of corporate social responsibility. According to the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, CSR is a continuing commitment by businesses to behave ethically while contributing to economic development. improving the quality of life for workers and their families. the local community, and society at large.