Coronary Heart Disease

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This research will begin with the statement that coronary heart disease is caused by a waxy substance named plaque forms up inside the coronary arteries. The arteries which carry oxygenated blood to the heart muscle. If the plate breaks, a blood clot will be formed on its surface, which will block the flow of blood into the coronary artery causing heart failure. The research will emphasis on the possible causes of the coronary disease as well as its prevention mechanisms. In line with the research carried out by the national institute of health in Merced country California, coronary heart disease is one of the diseases that cause most deaths in the city. In relation to the quantitative data, Merced is rated to be the 46th in the number of death used b coronary heart disease basing on the age, the mortality rate in the year 2006-210, 25 deaths per 110,000 of the population caused by coronary heart disease. Moreover, 16,000 people in Merced County alone diagnosed with coronary heart disease which 9% of the total population of Merced County. In addition, obesity being one of the causes of coronary heart disease is also ranked top have affected 29% of the total population of Merced County, showing that greater possibility of an increase in death rates caused by coronary heart disease. Most of the research conducted has got a positive impact on the people of Merced County at large. Because the facts gathered apparently shows the causes of coronary heart disease, and how it can be avoided and prevented at the same time.