Copyright trade secrecy and patents

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Copyright, Trade Secrecy and Patents of Copyright, Trade Secrecy, and Patents Copyright: It is a protection of original work of authorship that includes artistic, literary, musical and dramatic work from unauthorized usage. (Leach, 2003, p. 04-05)Trade Secrecy:It could be any important information that may provide an organization with a receipt for its business over opponents who do not have that information.Patent:Rights granted by a sovereign nation to an inventor for a fixed period of time, in substitute for invention’s public disclosure.The five basic rights of copyright owner are:1. Reproduction of the work.2. Can make derivative3. Public distribution right.4. Publicly performing of the work.5. Publicly display of the work.LAW for Copyright:The LAW restricts other to use the unauthorized use of copyrighted material or work. Every nation has its own framing of the LAW. In many countries it is very strict. Copyright LAW only gives exclusive right to the owner to issue the authority for other’s usage. Example:For anti-piracy Japan passed some strict laws that termed unauthorized downloading a criminal offense. After passing the law results are astounding.LAW for Patent:An owner of the patent is granted with the right to prohibit others from manufacturing, using, selling, or commercializing for sell during the agreed time period of the patent with the state. EXAMPLE:Member of a Developing team developed software for graphical images manipulation. Even though that member didnt know it that inventor has a patent on that procedure of image manipulation. Which means that developer used the process without the permission of the patent and unintentionally done an unlawful act.LAW for Trade Secret:Trade secrecy protection laws continue as long as the protection is required. Commonly protection values to the owner and secret to be congregate. If the owner of the secret fails to take necessary steps for keeping the information secret then protection is lost.Example:A developer found a new procedure for image manipulation and shares his finding with other developers. Developer lost protection to his trade secret by sharing it with others.ReferencesLeach,J. (2003). Music copyright basics: For songwriters, lyricists, composers, arrangers, performers, producers, publishers … and anyone whose business or pleasure involves music. Van Nuys, Calif.: Alfred Pub. Co.