Coordinate Business Resources

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The success of the company depends on the development of a strong virtual network which would act as a gateway for the interaction of the customers with the employees of the organization. With the help of advanced information technology processes, the company has successfully developed an interface which helps it to maintain strong ties with its customers. The organization mainly operates as a virtual organization maintaining a small core team consisting of IT experts and customer service people with a centralized management operation. IT development and its successful implementation are vital for the smooth operation of the company.
Skilled human resource, mainly IT experts, is vital for the company to carry on with its operations. The company has developed unique software which helps it to track the potential candidates who are interested in moving to Australia to pursue higher education. The entire profitability of the company depends on the expertise of the employees to run this software according to the desired specifications. To ensure that the company does not face a dearth of skilled technicians, the company develops a human resource planning which helps it to match the demand and the supply of human resource within the organization from time to time. The company maintains a database of skilled candidates who can be appointed in case an employee suddenly quits the organization. This helps it to run its operations smoothly without suffering operational bottlenecks.
The company carries on periodical surveys within the organization to understand whether the company has all the resources it needs for the smooth functioning or it needs to adopt measures by which it can make the resources available. Periodical checks are carried out to estimate whether the resources are being optimally utilized or not. This helps the company to adopt measures by which its resources can be optimally utilized in case it is found that they are underutilized or overutilized.