Contemporary Issues in Business

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The company is the automobile distribution of the German automobile producer Daimler AG. The business of Mercedes Benz has its roots way back in the patent of Daimler in 1901 and the patent of Benz in 1886. The model first emerged in 1926 under the name of Daimler-Benz. The restructuring of the organization resulted in the change of name of the business model and is today referred to as Mercedes Benz. The products of the company are the luxury automobiles in the categories of various cars, coaches, trucks, and buses. The customers served by the Mercedes Benz automobile business comprises of mainly the luxury market segment and its customers. However, the company has also launched a lower-priced model from the year 2011 which included the B-class, C-class and the M-class automobile products. The roadster model has also gained popularity among the customers in the market. This has led to the increase in market share of Mercedes Benz over the years as compared to its competitors in the world market, namely Audi, BMW, etc. The growth of market share for Mercedes Benz from the year 2006 to 2011 has been represented below in the graphical form. The market share of Mercedes Benz has increased from 12.96% in 2006 to 16.59% in 2011. The business of Mercedes Benz could be termed as an open business which is open to the challenges and opportunities of the macro-economic environment in the world market. The business has been able to identify the changing market environment in various economies over a period of last five years for which the company has been able to operate efficient as an open system (Phillips, 1983, p.185). 2.0 Today’s drivers of change The business of Mercedes Benz has been an open system to the prevailing conditions of the several markets in which it has ventured. The company is influenced by the drivers of change in today’s market. It is, therefore, important for the company to identify the drivers of change in today’s automobile market in order to be prepared for the challenges to be faced in the future course of business (Cameron and Green, 2012, p.88). The drivers of change in the business of Mercedes Benz could be analyzed by reviewing the political, economic, social, environmental, legal and technological environment in which it operates. The political environment in the markets of operation of Mercedes Benz has varied due to the policies of the government that are driven by political motives. The governments in the US, UK, France, etc. have shown concerns over the quality of models launched by Mercedes Benz in order to ensure the safety and protection of the customers. The political interferences in the merger and acquisition of Mercedes Benz with the other companies like Studebaker and Packard Corporationare important for consideration of Mercedes Benz. In their strategic move to launch economy class models namely the C-class and the roadster, the political concerns over the quality of the cars have been taken into account by the company.