Consumers Behavior in Choosing their Products

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Consumer Behavior Research question Why do people select products on the market and do not go for any item on the market?Who are the customers identified to use a certain item? What are the tastes and experience of customers?
For a producer at the market, it is important to understand the behaviors of customers so as to manufacture valuable and considerate products that will meet the desires and expectations of customers. However, it is worth to note that it may not be easy to predict the potential of a product from the observation of consumers (Herpen, Trijp and Kuipers 595).
This case study shall find out how packaging of products can have an effect on consumers to select their items when they go for shopping. The paper will conduct a survey and interviews for several days whereby surveillance cameras will be placed in restaurants to film how customers are pulled by the sight of packaging of a certain item in the restaurant. To achieve this goal, different variables shall be included in discussing this subject of consumer behavior such as age, gender, shelf positioning in comparison to the nearby products. This suggests that the eye is a sensitive part of a human being body that enables him to make judgment on the type of item one may buy while on market. It is out of this reason that packaging should be considered as a means of advertising agency that may pull or turn away a customer. This is in most cases will be applied to customers who may be seeing the product for the first time or going for shopping in the restaurant for the first instance.
The paper will discuss the data of the cameras’ placed in food shops to analyze the behavior of consumers towards foods that will be positioned in strategic shelves to discuss food choice, taste and several other aspects that involve consumer conduct. To achieve reliable data, the researcher will judge the reaction on the faces of consumers to help analyze the emotions expressed on their faces, that is, if they are sad or happy towards the packaging of a particular food item.
The paper shall indicate the following in the process of analyzing consumer behavior in John &amp. Jo restaurant which is a place where may families go and feel comfortable to have their meals. It has been suggested that it is the right place in the city due to its location that has a large number of customers attending to get meals there or have take-away food. This means that such families will carry meals that will be well packaged and attractive since it enables them to relate the attraction to their appetite.
The five interview questions for this case study include the following:
a) In which manner do consumers open their package?
b) What is the taste of John &amp. Jo restaurant lunch?
c) Which corridors are followed by consumers when they enter the restaurant?
d) What are the features of a product that consumers felt comfortable to use?
e) What is the relation of families that took their meal in the restaurant to those that pack and carry their food home?
Food is among the basic needs of humanity. people consider the matters of value and quality when choosing their meals. This has made them develop different behaviors that demands total trust and confidence in a product so as to enable them buy it. When they are not satisfied with the quality of a product, they abandon the place and go for a different one. This is as a result of the concerns of their health and life.
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