Construction versus Maintenance

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Construction is not restricted to new structures only. it encompasses even repairing and replacing worn-out components for the already existing structures to resume their original functions. The distinction amid construction and maintenance is the extent and the area covered by either replacement. Construction entails renovation of large sections (more than 50%) contrary to maintenance whose action has small restrictions and involves replacing small bits or components (OSHA, n.d). Chiefly, construction calls for appropriate and timely planning where activities have specified time set for them coupled with how they will be undertaken (OSHA, n.d). In addition, its activities usually affect large parts of the machine where it incorporates diverse changes that may emanate from the alteration of a single section. This has a core contribution to the working of the machine. Construction, unlike maintenance, requires competent specialists who will have ample knowledge to undertake the expected roles on the site meant to make everything function normally. This will call for even contemplation of a jobbing environment that will ensure workers undertake their responsibilities effectively. Maintenance due to its scope of operation entails just a restricted section meant to ensure that the whole system is in order and any further complications construction is implemented (OSHA, n.d).