Construction of Sports Hall (GYM) in a School in Bahrain

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Despite being a country where sports are loved by a majority of the population (especially students), the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain failed to construct adequate sport or gym facilities in the schools largely due to the lack of financial assistance. However, over the last few years, the awareness of sports has increased by an unprecedented level amongst the students in the Kingdom of Bahrain given that the country was due to the host the mini Olympics. As a consequence, the demand for advanced and well-equipped sports hall (Gym) facilities also grew by a drastic margin. In light of these events, the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain felt the urge to make prospective investments behind building sports hall (Gym) in government-sponsored schools. The scope of this project lays in the fact that construction of sports hall (Gym) in the government-sponsored schools will allow students to be engaged in a physical activity of their choice besides being engaged in the academic curriculum. It will also hold students who are obese and are affected by other weakness to regain their physical fitness and strength. This is perhaps the most relevant scope of this project provided that the percentage of students suffering from health issues such obesity, respiratory problems, heart problems, bone density has increased by a considerable margin (Baby, 2006). Therefore the construction of sports hall (Gym) facilities will allow the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain to bring down this ever growing rate of health disorders. Another relevant scope of this project is evident in the fact that it will allow the government schools to build their profile in order to grab the attention of parents and convince to enroll their children to the corresponding schools (Ministry of Education of Kingdom of Bahrain, 2013).