Constantine and the Creation of the Catholic Church

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No other religion had a greater effect on history and the present than that of the Christian church and no other emperor had the fortitude to dismantle an empire and reposition it.
Saturninus, among the most vocal emperors, upon calls by his followers to go against Aurelian was quoted in one his speeches his lament against being an emperor during the middle of the 3rd century said “you little know what a poor thing it is to be an Emperor. Swords hang over our necks. on every side is the menace of spear and dart. We go in fear of our guards, in terror of our household troops. We cannot eat what we like, fight when we would, or take up arms for our pleasure. Moreover, whatever an Emperors age, it is never what it should be. Is he a grey beard? Then he is past his prime. Is he young? He has the mad recklessness of youth. You insist on making me Emperor. you are dragging me to inevitable death. But I have at least this consolation in dying, that I shall not be able to die alone” (Firth, p. 3).

Contrary to the perception of power and luxury that we attribute to monarchs, we seldom take notice of the dangers and expectations of an emperor. The empire was on its way to decay. The army is disgruntled with their leaders. There wasn’t a battle won in ages and the building antagonistic reproach towards the empire has become uncontrollable. Even emperors are not exempted from the threats of assassination and sedition from his own people and relations. It was only through the upturn brought about by Claudius who was able to lead them into victory against the Goths and Aurelian who retrieved Gaul and Britain. Power was re-established to the Senate. Rome was once again at the peak of prosperity and the state was effervescent of victory (p. 4).

Diocletian, guided by his strong convictions that the emperor should not grow old and frail at the sight of his people decided to give up his crown& a relatively young age. This was something that had never been done before.&nbsp.