Considering Cases Regarding Eating Disorder and Smoking in Senior School Students

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This girl is fond of eating too much of junk foods and I think this is the reason behind all the problems.
If I tell my sister to give up the dream to become a gymnast, it will hurt her and increase the depression that is gaining its strength within her. Therefore this cannot be an appropriate choice. On the other hand, just sitting and watching without doing anything about the problem means that I am not concerned about her. This will diminish me as a human being. So I leave this option too.
I will choose the first option to give my sister a suggestion to give up eating junk food. If I can explain the consequences of junk food before her, she will definitely be moved and think positively for a good change.
I think I have chosen the right decision as I feel that this will harm neither her dream nor my self-dignity. I am happy that I have been able to solve the problem. The only thing needed now is action and I am quite sure about the positive consequences.
My friend mingles with some boys who have taught him to smoke. But I am totally against it, as I know the dangerous effects smoking can do to the human body. So I am applying GREAT decision-making method to solve this problem.
Smoking, as I have read about it in different magazines, is dangerous for human health. A long time habit of smoking can put an end to a man’s life. I can remember these points about how smoking affects the body.