Consider the impact of the Vietnam War on American culture

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B. During this period TV was an important medium for information. news reports of the war telecasted the gory details which reinforced the feeling of redundancy of the war among the Americans, resulting in antiwar protests and demonstrations. III. Effects of advancement A. Cambodian invasion in 1970 resulted in antiwar demonstrations in college campuses all over American. In a few days time, deaths of students occurred in large number. B. The redundancy of the war added with thousands of American soldiers getting killed in war fueled the antiwar sentiments among the young Americans. Large number of young Americans left the war to burn their draft cards. This became a national sensation due to wide coverage by the television. IV. Evolution of the advancement A. In Vietnam, the increasing intensity of the war created psychological problems among the American troops which resulted in drug consumption among them. The hippie culture was reflected back home in American among the youth when they protesting against the war by blocking roads and government buildings for days, singing songs and consuming drugs. B. Music industry developed vastly during the Vietnam era with hundreds of songs getting recorded in single years. Music like rock ‘n’ roll albums that were conceived during that era are popular even after several decades have passed. V. Conclusion A. The hippie culture among the youth created antiheroes in the society who influenced the culture for a generation. B. Popular music of different genres during that era established both the antiwar views and the prowar statements. Music was adopted by the young antiwar protestors as a way of voicing their views. Introduction and Thesis Statement The Vietnam War was a long running combat between the nationalist forces and the United States with the alliance of South Vietnam. The war was more a strategic movement by America to curb communism, and the nation’s involvement was in all terms unofficial status. The American troops dispatched under the official purpose of military training to the South Vietnamese troops. The war had a huge impact on the music and culture of America. Events that Led to the Advancement The war, which apparently seemed redundant to the general Americans, had a great impact on them. It has divided the American people like no other war has done. The atrocities of the war were telecasted on the TV, the unspeakable violence induced people to distance themselves from the war. The costs incurred during the war affected the nation’s economy for decades after the war ended. During the mid twentieth century America got involved in the Vietnam as it felt threatened by the growing influence of communism. However, the young generation of that period did not see any concrete reason to feel threatened, and as such, the Vietnam War did not seem a necessity. Moreover, atrocities and millions of American soldiers getting killed and maimed were telecasted in TV which was viewed in every American home. The war was often characterized as the living-room war or the television war. During the course of the war, the events in the battlefield were telecasted in a systematic manner. It was an era when televisions were rapidly becoming a forceful medium of news for the Americans. According to a survey in 1964, the American people had equal trust on newspapers and televisions for information. By 1972, another survey