Conflicts Management at workplace

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It can be either very destructive or even constructive depending on the methodological approach and management involved. Conflict, usually, arises at the point where individual or a group of people disagrees over an important aspect due to variation in opinions. The occurrence of conflicts is mainly on a daily basis, which comprises of disputes within a variable range. These disputes could be small while others are violent and destructive battles. People respond to conflicts with reference to particular cultural background and personality. Different people have different values, beliefs, motivations and goals. Two individuals can analyze and interpret the same situation or event in different perspectives. In the case of an emergency, people from a different environment with a different perception converge to find a solution with a common goal. Contrary to the unity in such a circumstance, two people from the same physical location speaking the same language may respond to the same situation differently in the event of a conflict. The arising conflict makes an individual to discover the difference of other respondents in a similar event. The response to the conflict can be offensive and confusing in one way, or another. Conflicts and problems form the key elements of daily living hence provide the right method to overcome challenges and work productively.In most working places, there is a necessity to combat prejudices and perceptions in order to respect each other’s viewpoint.