Conflict Essay

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Conflict Essay:Instructions: Read me! This essay is minimum 3 pages. Below, I will provide a few reflections for you to complete that will ultimately make up your essay. You have to answer all 5 Reflections in your essay. It is easiest for me to grade when you answer the reflections in the order they are presented in this paper.This essay should not be a list of your answers to my questions; instead, this is an organized essay that should flow from one point to another. The 5 Reflections are simply there to guide the format to your essay and help with content. You do not have to answer every single question in each reflection, but you should write about the general idea that is being questioned. You should use the class terms in the first 3 reflections and define them.Do not just copy information out of the PowerPoints. Make it obvious to me that you understand the class terms. You should have an introduction and a conclusion to your essay. While there are no right or wrong answers – this is about you – you will be graded on using the class terms correctly, the examples that you used, the apparent effort you gave the assignment, that you answered all 5 reflections, used proper GSP, whether you followed directions, as well as how well you articulated your points. Please remember that all assignments should be typed, double-spaced, 12 point font, and with proper grammar, spelling and punctuation (GSP). I recommend proof-reading your paper.Reflection 1 – Based on our class discussion regarding conflict management styles (covert or overt), what is your style? What examples can you provide to explain your style? Reflection 2 – Think about your Conflict Orientation. How do you perceive conflict before it begins? Do you describe yourself as Lose-Lose, Win-Lose, or Win-Win? How does that affect your personal relationships (family, friends, work, or romantic)? Reflection 3 – How do you respond to conflict (voice, loyalty, neglect, exit)? Do you respond to conflict differently based on the other person? Do you respond to conflict differently in various situations (work, school, friends, romantic partner, or family)? Why do you do that?Reflection 4 – What part did your past experiences play in your conflict management? What did you learn about conflict from your family or past relationships? Think back to your childhood and try to remember what implicit or explicit rules for conflict your family modeled and perhaps taught you. (For example, did people disagree openly with each other? Did your parents suggest that arguing with them is unacceptable, or that disagreeing with others was rude? What was the climate in your family like after conflict was resolved? Will you teach your children the same conflict management style?)Reflection 5 – In what areas do you need to improve your conflict management? Why do you need to improve in those areas? Give specific examples. Do you need to improve in different areas depending on the person you are in conflict with? Provide a very specific action plan, or list of steps you will take, to improve upon your conflict management style in order to have healthy conflict in future relationships.**Again, this assignment is not meant to be a Q&A assignment. This essay should not be a list of your answers to my questions – instead, this is an organized essay that should flow from one point to another. It should contain an introduction and a conclusion. The Reflections are simply there to give you something to write about. Take what you learned to write a 3 to 5 page essay about you and conflict and how you will improve in your conflict style. 12/05/202015english