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Women have always gotten very minimal opportunities to be involved in working in heavy industrial areas as this position is seen to mainly suit the men. Apparently, there are also very few women expertise involved in the same sector due to the perception that this is a male dominated area. In most instances, women will only be given the minor positions in such industrial areas and even the pay is seen to be less. The perception being that, it is just a favor for such women to be in such areas of expertise otherwise they are very vulnerable. Currently, there is an expert woman in chemical engineering who filed a complaint over not being given an equal opportunity in an interview for a position. This is still an evidence of some job areas being considered womanly or manly and thus the reason to this interview is of high value in order to understand gender issues at work places. Description of the interview This interview was conducted on the twenty ninth of March, 2013. The interview was conducted at Shed Pharmaceuticals Company. It was only possible to carry out the interview after consulting with the senior human resource person in this company. I was given one of the offices that belong to the chief pharmacist as it offered more privacy and the interviewee also needed to be in a more comfortable situation without any distractions that would impede getting the correct information from the employee (Barret, 2006). The interviewee was a thirty eight year old at the highlight of her work career. Her name is Joan and she has two children one at age twelve, while the last born at age seven years. She lives as a single mother and thus she has to take care of her family needs which include providing education, food and shelter for the children. I particularly chose this interviewee because of the nature of position that she has in this company. She is one of the senior analysts of the pharmaceutical products that are produced in the company. She went through so much in order to get to this position. therefore, she can tell best what some of the challenges are as a woman she has gone through during the highlight of her career. She is also the only woman in a team of five senior analysts and thus, it is what comes from her experience from working in a team of men whereby she is the only woman. Joan is also one the most convenient individual to contact for the interview as she has been in such a position under gender disparity in work places. More so, her area of specialization has always been perceived to be a male dominated area. Therefore, she is the most ideal individual for this type of interview. Summary of responses to the questions The ten questions were divided into three basic areas. Therefore, the summary will give a summary of the ten questions into the questions with the same agenda being made into one. One compacted questions during the interview process was based on opportunities given to women to express themselves and get a position in an interview. The main ideas under these questions involve the concept that women should be given even an upper hand during interviews especially in a situation that there are less women vying for the same position. I linked this to the notion that, less women are found in such areas of expertise and thus they should stand even better positions for positions like what Joan possessed. Her response According to Joan, yes